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TVS VISA is a leading travel visa and attestation company, has worked with over 200 travel agencies, international company, college / universities in Malaysia to ensure fast and easy processing of their clients visa application and travel documents. TVS VISA also provides Education Certificate Attestation (ECA) services, we are a consultant and an advisor with valid standard and professional certificates you can endorse to qualify for additional benefits. Based on the numbers of students in Higher Education, it is no doubt that almost all of the students will have to endorse their certificates. An endorsement is made to ensure that certificate issued at university/ college/ Institute need to be “authenticated” to be official acceptance as a valid certificate in local and abroad companies. Student need this services to avoid hassle and difficulty in seeking for a job. TVS VISA we undertake certificates on behalf of the students, significantly reaching the turnaround and making the entire process fast, Efficient and effort.